About Us

Our company Inox Express established in 2014 manufacturers of stainless steel products specializing in BBQ replacement parts such as fat recovery pan, heat diffusers, and Grill. Our workshop is located in Mirabel. Our customers have always been satisfied and surprisingly surprised with the quality of our products. How many times do our customers tell us that we saved their BBQ because they were going to throw it away due to the impossibility of finding their spare part models or just wanting a better product? We manufacture them on request according to the dimensions of your brand and model. What's worse than cooking on the grill with rust under your food...
Our products are all made of 304 stainless steel and not 430 stainless steel which does not contain Nickel and is, therefore, a mixture of steel and stainless steel which therefore will inevitably and inevitably rust by not being exposed to a harsh environment such as in BBQs unlike the 304 which resists.
In big retailers and on the net like (Amazon or others) for example, they often use the term stainless, but what they don't tell you is what kind it is.
We only use 304 stainless steel and for the diffusers, we make them in thicker materials than the originals (18 g thick) for greater durability and heat distribution. After making your product request, you can go to the workshop while specifying your arrival before or with additional postage, which we send everywhere.

Looking forward to reviving your BBQ.